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WGS Cloudflare WHMCS Module v5.0.7 nulled

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WGS Cloudflare WHMCS Module v5.0.7 nulled

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Module Overview
Want to give your hosting business an outer edge over other web hosting providers? Then this Cloudflare module will help you get that edge, you can resell Cloudflare Plans in your WHMCS website with our module. Yes, you heard that right! Not only this, hosting providers can resell DNS services of the Cloudflare for free.

What benefits your clients will get with Cloudflare?

  • Unlimited and Unmetered DDoS Mitigation
  • Prevent Customer Data Breach
  • Accelerate Internet Applications
  • Accelerate Mobile Experiences
  • Ensure Application Availability
  • Save server bandwidth
  • Free CDN & SSL

What benefits Hosting Provider will get with Cloudflare?

Being a domain and hosting provider, you very well know the importance of the DNS settings. DNS setting is mandatory for a web hosting provider so that their clients can easily set their DNS records from the client area. Now the questions arise whether you need to set up an infrastructure for these DNS settings? No, Cloudflare offers FREE DNS to the hosting providers and you can easily resell them with our module. So you do not need any other DNS service provider you can manage them free with Cloudflare.

- Support WHMCS 8.5.x
- Support PHP 5.6 and Later
- More info : https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-cloudflare-module/

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Guinness Beer

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name of file: WGS-CF-Reseller-v5.0.7-PHP-5.6-7.x.zip


7.x :(

This is exactly why I have 7.4 on my server with billing
not all modules have been rewritten for 8 yet
On 7.4 I have this module installed and working
I didn’t check for 8

Do you have any installed modules for version 8 of PHP?
My opinion is now it’s wiser to keep this billing on version 7


Guinness Beer

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