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  1. Version v8.10.1


    WHMCS v8.10.1 Full Release Nulled v8.10.1 WP Toolkit Automation Offer your customers WP Toolkit with cPanel & Plesk WP Toolkit is a tool in cPanel and Plesk that enables users to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. WP Toolkit Lite is included FREE with cPanel and WP Toolkit Deluxe is a paid upgrade with advanced features and smarter functionality. The WP Toolkit integration available in WHMCS 8.2 provides fully automated provisioning for WP Toolkit Deluxe to any new or existing cPanel or Plesk hosting account. Also included with this new integration is a ready made landing page to help promote WP Toolkit to your customers. This new functionality is not yet available in WHMCS 8.2 Beta 1 and will be made available soon. White-label Site Builder Solution Site Builder, powered by Siteplus, now available via MarketConnect This white-labelled Site Builder offering featuring no branding specific to WHMCS or Siteplus enables you to offer your customers an un-branded site building experience. An unlimited free trial allows you to offer the Site Builder to all new customers free of charge, and optionally included by default with your hosting plans. A range of plans allow users to build anything from a One-Page website to a fully featured e-commerce store. Over 150 pre-made themes give users a wide range of ready made website templates to choose from and the drag and drop editor makes building a site quick, easy and accessible to everyone. Completed sites can be instantly published to your hosting via FTP which is auto-provisioned and configured for cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin web hosting accounts. User Identity Verification Helping you deal with high-risk orders more efficiently A new integration gives your team access to the Validation.com service for verifying user identity and authenticity. Integrated directly into the checkout and client area, verification requests can be triggered on-demand or automatically for new high risk orders (determined by any existing fraud module integration). Upon being initiated, users will receive an email and see prompts within the client area to complete the identity verification process. You control which information you want to collect from users to perform the validation. Verification status is displayed conveniently within your WHMCS admin area when managing users and orders. Prorata for Product Addons Now you can offer add-ons with billing synchronized to services Enable prorata for product add-ons to synchronize the addon's billing day with the parent product or service. This enables you to offer add-ons which can be purchased by customers at any time during the lifecycle of a product and have future billing and invoices contain both items for added convenience and simplicity. Also made available as part of this work is the ability to duplicate any existing product add-ons for easier add-on setup and management. Gateway Balances & Transaction Insights View your payment gateway balances without leaving WHMCS Payment gateway balance information is now displayed for activated and supported payment gateways at the top of the WHMCS Billing/Transactions page within the WHMCS admin area. In addition, for gateway modules that support it, additional transaction information can be viewed by clicking on a Transaction ID anywhere within WHMCS. This new functionality is available in the Billing/Transactions list, Clients Transactions tab and Invoice view and will display information specific to each gateway. Support at launch is available for Stripe and PayPal [Basic], with more integrations coming soon. Additionally, developers can add support for this new functionality to their own gateway modules using our developer documentation which has already been updated. Stripe Dashboard Widget View your Stripe Balances directly from the WHMCS dashboard Stripe has rocketed in popularity to become one of the most highly used payment gateways by WHMCS users. And so in WHMCS 8.2, in addition to the other balance and transaction information functionality we've added, we've also added a new dedicated Dashboard widget that will allow admins to see their Stripe balance information in the convenience of their WHMCS installation.
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  2. Version 1.5

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    PHP Encoder & Obfuscator With this encoder script you can make your PHP source code unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. This is very useful when you give a script to someone but you don’t want them to view your php source code. Secure your PHP scripts Limit your PHP Code to run only on defined domains Add an expiration date to your source Easy to use encoding interface Very well documented and much more… This script is a PHP source-code encoder and obfuscator. It provides anti-theft protection for your scripts and functions by allowing you to encode, obfuscate, compress, scramble, set an expiration date, domain lock and encrypt your php source code. This online tool use also PHP to protect your code from reverse engineering and modification. Usage Example Normal (unprotected) PHP <?PHP echo "Hello World"; ?> Protected PHP through adilbo PHP Encoder & Obfuscator <?PHP /* Reverse engineering of this file is strictly prohibited. File protected by copyright law and provided under license. Checksum: 32c19a9f6b0397b128adfb72ead8f110 */ $OO0O000OO0=file(__FILE__);eval(base64_decode("ZnVuY3Rpb24gSUlJSWxJSWxsMSgkYSwkYi…EXAMPLE…YSwkY1swXSskY1sxXSskY1syXSkpO31yZXR1cm4kZDt9"));eval(base64_decode(IIIIlIIll1($OO0O000OO0[0],200)));eval(IIll1l11ll(IIIIlIIll1($OO0O000OO0[0],149),IIIIlIIll1($OO0O000OO0[0],3),$OO0O000OO0));__halt_compiler();sTyTRUbzn6vyqUxjQVaYqxvzfkucmw6xRr9…EXAMPLE…Tc7IV1DySM3JyVcIzy/KSVGy5uUCAA== Main Features Dynamic PHP Script Protection Encrypt your PHP Source code so no software pirate will understand Var- and Functionname Obfuscation Replacing Variable and Function-Names making the code hard to understand and modify Current Domain Locking The Code will not work on another domain Random PHP Source Generation So thief will have a hard time trying to Deobfuscate the Result Expiration Date Setup Apply Time Limit to the Code Functionality Minify for Size Optimization Removing White-Spaces, Line Feeds, Carriage Returns, Tabs and Comments to Minify Code Source Code Repository Easier Access to Files and to hide the Real Path of the PHP Files, so Nobody will know where they are located (Security Reasons) Support If your php source code don’t work after obfuscation please give us not a bad rate, please take a look at the documentation. If this is not helpful contact our support, we will do everything so that our product deserves a 5 star rating! Thank you very much. DEVELOPER Do you want to customize my script as you want? Just purchase the Extended License and shoot me a message from my profile page to let me know how you’re using it. Thanks!
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