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Sticky Notes

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Sticky Notes

Tired of boring messages spread across your site? then liven it up by downloading Sticky Notes, this application will allow you, or if you have selected members, To post global Sticky Notes to other members on your board, Users can easily dismiss each Sticky Note and then can even drag and drop them around their screen
Global Sticky Notes ( ACP )

  • Create and display unlimited global Sticky Notes to your members
  • Choose what user groups can see each Sticky Note
  • Add a signature ( username and avatar ) to the bottom of each Sticky Note allowing members to see who wrote it, as a clickable link to said profile
  • Choose the colour of each Sticky Note
  • Choose from 9 different positions to show each individual Sticky Note
  • Set a expiry time and date for each Sticky Note with a option to just show it until the user dismisses it
  • Select where to show each Sticky Note from a list of your installed applications or to just show it everywhere ( Example only show the Sticky Note when users are browsing the forums or the downloads section etc )
  • Use a wide range of tags to engage your members more personally

Global Sticky Notes Front End Admin

  • The admin/s can create new global Sticky Notes from the front end via the create menu ( Only admins can use this feature )

Personal Sticky Notes ( MEMBERS )

  • Allow chosen user groups to send personal Sticky Notes to other members
  • Members can receive a unlimited amount of Sticky Notes
  • All Sticky Notes are dismissable
  • All personal Sticky Notes will automatically add the username and avatar, unless you have selected in the ACP to allow anonymous Sticky Notes (read ACP Menu below)
  • Personal Sticky Notes will display the time the note was sent to the member for example "just now", " 5 minutes ago", "4 hours ago", "16th July" and so on
  • Members can either send Personal Sticky notes to members by their hover card or via their forums topics and you can also send them via the users create menu
  • Each ( Non anonymous ) personal Sticky Note has a reply icon on allowing users to easily reply to other members notes


  • Added a link to the users drop down menu linking to the new tables listed below
  • Shows a table listing all the members received Sticky Notes with the ability to restore the note bringing it back to life
  • Shows a table listing all the members sent Sticky Notes with the ability to edit and resend or just resend the Sticky Note, it also shows if the user has dismissed the Sticky Note
  • Members can view all their sent and received Sticky Notes between them and X member
  • All tables can be sorted by time and date and also have a advanced search for members or a time and date stamp


  • Show a widget with a list of members who have sent the most Sticky notes
  • Show a widget with a list of members who have received the most Sticky Notes

ACP Menu

  • Sticky Notes (Global including personal)
    • Choose to use either a pin or a bit of sticky tape to hold the Sticky Note
    • Choose to show or hide Sticky Notes on mobile or tablet devices
    • Change the z-index of the Sticky Notes ( This is only needed for some custom themes you might have installed )
    • Allow users to drag and drop the Sticky Notes around their screen by hovering over the pin and dragging the Sticky Note
  • Personal Sticky Notes
    • Allow members to send anonymous Sticky Notes to other members (admin can view all Sticky Notes in the ACP read below)
    • Read all the Sticky Notes send by members in a nice and tidy table and you (being the admin) can even view the sender if they sent it anoymous
    • Select what member groups can use personal Sticky Notes
    • Choose from 9 different positions to place the Sticky Notes
    • Mass delete Sticky Notes by either "ALL", "READ", "UNREAD", by individual members or by chosen user groups
    • Choose the colour of personal Sticky Notes

Member Group ACP Menu

  • Choose how many personal Sticky Notes each member group can send per day, with a unlimited option

Members Settings ACP Menu

  • Block individual members from using personal Sticky Notes
  • Block individual members from receiving Sticky Notes

How to install

  • If you have version 1.0.3 or below installed, uninstall it as it's a plugin and will conflict with the new application
  • Go to your ACP and applications then click to install and upload the downloaded .tar file



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