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Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard Pro

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Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard Pro

Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard Pro

Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard

Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard is a user friendly way to protect your forms from spam bots and therefore improves the security of your Joomla! website. The system plugin is a Captcha alternative that does not require user action: It uses some well known and GDPR-friendly anti-spam tests to decide whether the user is a human or a machine on form submission.

This captcha plugin for Joomla! 3, 4 and 5 implements the Joomla! captcha interface. Therefore all extensions that can use Joomla! captcha plugins can be protected.

How Does this Joomla! Captcha Plugin Work?

It is a wide spread solution to keep forms spam free using a graphical captcha containing some text that a user has to enter.

But there are other possibilities to stop spam bots that are better for website usability and accessibility. Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard for Joomla! is a captcha alternative and combines three of these methods:

Minimum Fill Out Time

A human who fills out a form will need some time to read the texts and type in the information. Bots, however, fill out forms in nearly no time. With Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard you can set a minimum time required to fill out the form: If the form is submitted faster than that, the submission will be rejected.

Bot Trap

The bot trap works with a hidden input field in the form. Bots usually fill out all fields present in the form's code and do not evaluate which ones are actually rendered by the browser and thus shown to a human visitor. By placing such a hidden input field in your form, Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard can easily deny every submission that contains data for this special field.

DNS-based Blackhole Lists (DNSBL)

A lot of organizations put a lot of effort in building up blacklists, where known spam hosts are listed. Our captcha plugin uses two of those databases to look up spam-likely IP-addresses: NiX Spam and SORBS (safe). If the form is filled out by a bot that is on one of those lists, form submission will be rejected to keep your website secure.

Reject Strings

With reject strings you may define words you will never get in a real email to detect spam. This feature can be used additional to the other anti-spam methods and allows a specific anti-spam filter for your website.

In the Joomla! plugin configuration you can activate one or all methods to protect your forms.

GDPR-friendly captcha plugin for Joomla!

Aimy Captcha-Less Form Guard's functionality is mostly included within the extension and does not rely on external services - therefore it is GDPR-friendly. Only if you activate one or more of the supported DNSBLs (see above), a request with the visitor's IP address is sent to the enabled DNSBL service(s). In this case we recommend to add a hint in your privacy policy about it.
Furthermore this captcha plugin uses Joomla!'s default session to store required technical information. The Joomla! session itself uses a session cookie that does not need consent (as it expires when the session ends and is technically necessary).

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