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What lead to permanent ban

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1. Advertising for another source other than Phoenix.lol
Self promotion, social networks, ..etc. Authorized links are those of upload sites, Themeforest or identical website and Phoenix.lol links.

2. Spam
Whatever the nature of the content posted and judged as spam by the admin. No exceptions are made. Complaints should be made via report and with respect.

3. Disrespect
To another member or to staff members. Racist, discriminating, religious intonations. If you are hateful, angry, anxious, or with any other mental imbalance: please take a break and do not log into Phoenix.lol to say bullshit. Because with just one click, we will no longer hear from you, you will never have existed for us and we don't like to do it unless you push us to do it yourself by your attitude.

5. Dangerous Affiliate Links
Any affiliate link judged, by the Phoenix.lol staff, as dangerous or harmful to the user. Affiliate links that lead to sources that spread malicious content and violate the privacy of the user.

6. Trying to sell or make a deal without have the requirements
Many of you think that Phoenix.lol is the hometown market or a fish market, you come here and piss on the rules and on us by the way. And think yourself smart and trying to sell: this is prohibited and this send you directly on vacation without return back.
If you want to sell, it must be an exclusive product and not available for free on the Internet. Then you can contact @Fox to find out how to sell it.


Guinness Beer

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