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Support by Time module for WHMCS nulled


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Support by Time module for WHMCS nulled

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The module allows you to charge your customers with subscription fees for the support provided to them. The module allows you to prepare multiple packages with the number of hours and prices, and then settle the time spent on customer requests. Thanks to it You will know how long it takes to help each of your clients and you will be able to charge for the time you spend.

You can do it in several ways – by setting up permanent subscriptions, where the module itself counts the amount of time still available to use or from the very beginning monitor the hours devoted to the execution of the application. The module also supports the settlement of overtime over a defined package with a separate hourly rate.

Our module does not have an automatic time counter - the time consumption is entered manually by the technical operator when updating the ticket. This is the result of a well-thought-out decision and many years of our experience, and not a lack of technical capabilities.

The mechanism was designed as light as possible to minimize interference with the implemented WHMCS, but to make the most of the built-in mechanisms available in WHMCS and uses the Billable Items function.

The module has been tested on the WHMCS version from 8+. We assume that the module should work without any problems on the older version of WHMCS 7, but we cannot guarantee it. You have 7 days to fully test the module for free.

The module, fully installed and correctly implemented in the system, offers the following functionalities.

Module Functions:

  • Support package hours configuration (these hours are included in the price of the product and do not roll over to the next month).
  • Possibility to configure the cost per hour of service after the hour packages are exhausted.
  • Prices are configurable for all currencies that are available in your WHMCS installation.
  • During the processing of tickets, the operator has the opportunity to add the number of hours that he spent on the implementation of this ticket. Gradation is 0.25 hours (15 minutes steps).
  • It is possible to omit the use of time monitoring for some tickets and work with them in the standard way.
  • It is possible to add a technical support product to the client, if it does not exist, directly from the ticket update window. This is done from the side of handling the request by the technical support operator. Thanks to this, you do not have to set the service for each client separately, but decide on a specific case.
  • At the beginning of each month, the module calculates all hours of technical support for the previous month, taking into account package hours, then adds the necessary item to the client’s Billable Items, which will be added to the invoice and sent to the client for payment by WHMCS system. This feature is designed so that you can make the most of the built-in WHMCS functionality.
  • In the client area, the client has a complete history of all technical tickets with the time of their service. Also, all the data on the use of hours of technical support.
  • In the administered zone, the operator has a complete history of all technical tickets with the time of their service. Also, all the data on the use of hours of technical support.

Please look for complete documentation in the link below as this is advanced module and have many more options.

Additional project info
On the basis of our experience and modules that we have created and use for production every day in our company, we decided to publish a commercial version, hence the code of the modules is not the achievement of a programmer who learns and tests new solutions, but the result of the work of experienced developers with over 20 years of experience.

Price for the module.
We are based on a subscription model and we offer two variants - monthly and annual. The annual plan comes with a big discount on the monthly version. More details can be seen on the product page of our store.

For each of our products, we have prepared a Weblate-based translation mechanism that uses deepL machine learning engine. Missing translations can, for each available language, be generated automatically and suggestions for better expressions.

System Requirements
Module dont have special requirements.

Module Documentation
English documentation: https://panel.puqcloud.com/link.php?id=29

- More info: https://doc.puq.info/books/support-by-time-whmcs-module/page/description

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