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Mikrotik Business VPN provisioning WHMCS module nulled 1.0

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About This File

The Business VPN module provides an opportunity to sell the Virtual Private Network service for business clients.
The module is designed as a professional solution for companies and corporations, which enables remote access to company resources from anywhere in the world in a safe and monitored manner. The biggest difference from common VPN solutions such as NordVPN, EasyVPN etc. is the professional nature of the service.

What makes Business VPN different from regular, widely offered VPNs
The end customer of the service receives such opportunities as:

  • Dedicated permanent IP address
  • Full management of VPN accounts to the end buyer: Create, modify, delete and block VPN accounts
  • Forward TCP/UDP protocol ports from a public address to any IP address on the internal network
  • Convenient and informative VPN account connection statistics

Thanks to our solution, the client does not have to delegate the company's resources to carry out this activity, but focus on the practical side of using it, thanks to which he saves money.

This model of operation allows IT departments in companies to configure in detail and secure internal Firewall, passing specific ports, detailed traffic monitoring, or to keep through internal IDS which is not possible when using commonly offered solutions. Such a VPN becomes an integral part of the company's IT infrastructure and is ideally suited to the conditions of a given client.

Who and why needs such a service that this module provides.
The service offers to the end customer a fully fledged private network.

  1. The service combines all nodes that are connected via VPN into one private network. This allows you to communicate with each other from different physical locations. An example of use is, the remote work of the company's staff, having private remote access to each other. Also, due to the fact that each connected VPN user will be presented on the Internet with the public address of the service, it is possible to configure access to the company's servers only from the IP address of the service. Thus restrict access only to everyone except users of the service.
  2. If your employees need to have access to some sites on the Internet and be represented by a public address of a certain geographic location, then this service allows you to implement it. The public address of the service is not changed during the entire time of using the service.
  3. Ability to connect network devices, such as measuring instruments, to the same network, creating remote access to network equipment.

Module Functions:

  • Auto create and deploy VPN account/accounts
  • Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate/Change Package/Change Password/Reset connection
  • Use only Mikrotik API
  • Possibility to set Bandwidth speed limits
  • Module supports multilingualism
  • Account limit per package
  • Bandwidth Limit per account

Functions of the client area:

  • Creating VPN Accounts
  • Deleting a VPN account
  • Blocking VPN account
  • VPN account online statistics. For control

Additional project info
On the basis of our experience and modules that we have created and use for production every day in our company, we decided to publish a commercial version, hence the code of the modules is not the achievement of a programmer who learns and tests new solutions, but the result of the work of experienced developers with over 20 years of experience.

Price for the module.
We are based on a subscription model and we offer two variants - monthly and annual. The annual plan comes with a big discount on the monthly version. More details can be seen on the product page of our store.

For each of our products, we have prepared a Weblate-based translation mechanism that uses deepL machine learning engine. Missing translations can, for each available language, be generated automatically and suggestions for better expressions.

System Requirements
The company uses WHMCS and owns or is able to install Mikrotik routers. Mikrotik routers are necessary to provide VPN service (managing Mikrotik secrets users). WHMCS is necessary to manage the VPN service.

Module Documentation
English documentation: https://doc.puq.info/books/business-vpn-whmcs-module/page/description

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